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Gamechanger: Local Woman Discovers Ticket Not Required to Take Instagram Photo in Front of Theater

by Rich Taylor. @RTinDC.

SECAUCUS, NJ - After enduring years of cyber-generated FOMO, local woman Shannon Higgins had an epiphany, discovering that she can post photos of herself in front of Broadway theaters whether she has seen the shows within or not. This social media loophole cleared the way for her to pose and post in front of marques without purchasing a hard-to-snag and expensive ticket.

“When Hamilton opened, my social feeds became a stream of joyful faces outside the Richard Rodgers Theater with captions like ‘not throwing away our shot!’ It was unrelenting and I felt left out,” she recalled while looking for the best filter to lie with. “I’m always careful to caption without explicitly saying I’m seeing the show - something like ‘we made it!’ or ‘nothing beats live theater!'"

It didn’t take long for those across her social media circle to take notice of the shift in what their friend was sharing with the world.

“Shannon’s posts were always what I would call ‘fly-bys,’ said Dina Holder, a former member of the same book club as Higgins, while screen capturing, editing, and posting a selfie of our Zoom interview to her story. “She was always a first day of school and inspirational quote type, but all of a sudden she’s out there living her best life – I mean, Wicked, Dear Evan Hansen, and Spongebob? All in one day, at the same time? Amazing!”

Shannon proudly shared a graph she created showing a dramatic surge in “likes” along with a selection of effusive pull quotes including: “So jelly!”; “OMG. I want your life!”; and “QUEEN!” However, not all of her social connections are convinced.

“One week it’s snaps of her Marie Kondo’d drawers and Nutella scones, and the next she is the Belle of Broadway? Girl, please!” questioned skeptical ex-high school classmate and Debate Team rival Tara Dunion while waiting for the Times Square TKTS booth to open. “I can’t be the only one who noticed that she is wearing the exact same Lululemon leggings to seven different productions. Something doesn’t add up.”

Attempts to reach additional Facebook friends of Higgins for comment resulted in replies consisting of photos of food and links to their respective Pinterest pages.


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