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White Smoke Billowing from Auditorium Means This Year’s Musical Chosen, Also Auditorium is on Fire?

by Devin Wallace. @thedevinwallace.

HOWELL, MI - Members of Howell High School Drama Club were ecstatic as they saw thick plumes of white smoke pour out of the school auditorium, signaling to the performers that the winter musical has been chosen and/or there is a pretty worrying fire happening on stage.

“We like to announce the school musical with a little pomp and circumstance and smoke, just like a papal election. We also like to leave a space heater plugged in onstage to make sure our toesie-wosies don’t get cold,” said Drama Club director Anne Colmes, wafting in the smell of clearly-melting plastic. “What you see now is the culmination of our artistic process and probably the beginning of a lawsuit.”

Older students, like senior Melanie Kitts, have been looking forward to the final musical of their high school career.

“It’s a bittersweet moment,” said Kitts while making a balaclava out of last year’s Pippin cast t-shirt. “It’s sweet to see what musical our directors think will allow us to shine, and it’s bitter because of that awful smoke smell. Is that burning rubber? I think I’m going to be sick, and I also think it’s going to be Oliver!

Principal Ron Boof stated he takes a hands-off approach to any musical choices or reports of arson on school property.

“This is huge news for either the Drama Club or the Fire Department,” said Boof, whose arm was stuck in a pickle jar in an unrelated incident. “I love the surprise of finding out what they’ve picked, but I also love the 'woo-woo' sound fire trucks make, so either way, a big day!”

At press time, reports indicate the smoke had turned green, a sure sign the Drama Club had chosen, and purchased props for, Shrek the Musical.


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