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Audience Member Adamantly Tries to Tell "Waitress" Actor That "What's Inside" are Pie Ingredients

by Maddy Lanning @laddymanning.

NEW YORK, NY. - Local theater goer Marvin Thompson spent a large portion of a recent Waitress performance desperately trying to tell the actor playing Jenna that all of those ingredients she’s asking about? Ingredients in a pie!

“She kept asking ‘what’s inside, what’s inside, what’s inside’ and I just kind of felt bad for her because no one was answering”, Thompson told us as he rubbed his wrists after having them zip tied by theater security. “I’ve been there - baking can be really hard. I made it my hobby over the last ten years and I’ve learned a lot. I always wanna share the knowledge.”

Candance Everton, who plays Jenna in this production of Waitress and hung out in the kitchen of the infamous Tom’s Diner in preparation for the role, told us about her experience onstage during the debacle.

“At first, I was really confused. Why is he shouting at me during the opening number?” Everton told us as she went to steal a fry out of the basket at Tom’s Diner and had her hand smacked away by the line cook. “And then I realized he thought I didn’t know what goes inside a pie. And THEN I realized he didn’t understand the deeper meaning of the song. It’s about what’s inside JENNA as a person. I couldn’t make it any clearer. And by the way, you also need water to make a pie.”

We caught up with Brett Templton, assistant to the theater's head of security, who loves using the taser.

“This guy was strong. I mean, STRONG,” Templeton explained as he once again showed us how he draws his taser from the holster and readies himself to stun if the situation warrants. “I grabbed him out of his seat and he just kept saying ‘PIE INGREDIENTS, IT’S PIE INGREDIENTS’. I went to draw my taser, like I showed you, but my boss said just zip tie him. Real bummer.”

While Thompson told theater staff that he was really only trying to help, he has been barred for life. However, he has applied to the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and is expected to graduate top of his class in Knowing What Pie Stuff Is.


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