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Sketchy Torrent Website Launches New Original Series "The Search for The Search for Elle Woods”

by Devin Wallace. @thedevinwallace.

BROOKLYN, NY - A sketchy torrent website has reportedly entered into the original content game with their new series The Search for The Search for Elle Woods, focusing on 27-year old Lindsay DeMarco’s quest to find episodes of the 2008 MTV reality show The Search for Elle Woods, binge-watching sources confirmed.

“Whereas The Search for Elle Woods attempted to find the next star of Legally Blonde, TSFTSFEW will have one insomniac looking through our obviously illegal streaming site to find eight grainy episodes of the forgotten MTV series,” said PirateUploadz owner Kostas Tamm from an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe. “Much like the original series, it will feature New York City transplants stumbling through a haphazard contest that sort of just ends.”

The series, which will see a contestant face numerous challenges, including irremovable video ads, links to Estonian dating sites, and a flashing button that just says “VIRUS,” premieres tonight at 3:00 AM on DeMarco’s Macbook Air.

“All my life since last week, I dreamed of rewatching The Search for Elle Woods, “ said DeMarco as she deftly navigated pop-up ads for male enhancement. “To have the chance to waste my entire night searching for laggy uploads of random episodes is the dream of a lifetime, or the dream of since 12:30 A.M. I never thought I’d have the chance to find a 14-year old single-season reality show hosted by Haylie Duff. If only my parents could see me now,” said DeMarco, whose parents would not be proud to see her now.

Cara Lenane, DeMarco’s best friend since college, is confident her friend will be successful in the competition.

“I always knew she’d end up here,” said Lenane, referring to the twin bed in the room across the hall of their shared Williamsburg apartment. “She’s going to be great. One time she followed a Reddit link to a Tumblr post all the way to her ex-boyfriend’s old Myspace page, JUST to watch a 30-second clip from Date My Mom.”

The series premiere, which runs until DeMarco falls asleep after sunrise, will be followed by another episode around 3:00PM the next day, after DeMarco sends a frantic email to her manager apologizing for missing work.


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