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“Tootsie” Producers Agree To Change T in LGBT From "Tootsie" to “Transgender” for Pride Weekend Only

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - Producers of the controversial Broadway musical Tootsie have agree to temporarily change the T in LGBT from “Tootsie” to “Transgender” in celebration of World Pride, with plans to return to their definition come Monday morning, sources confirm.

“This is just our way of showing support for the Transgender community,” says producer Michael Harrison. “Despite what our show, marketing, and general attitude toward the production’s controversy says, we have great respect for the trans community. So, they can have a day or two to use the T. On Monday morning, though, we’ll need to it to return to meaning ‘Tootsie’ so it pairs better with our $40 ‘being a woman is no job for a man’ t-shirts,” he added.

Harrison and all of the other cis-gendered producers behind the Tony-winning adaptation appeared truly proud of their decision.

“This is what Pride is all about,” claimed producer Peter May as he poured himself a fourth glass of champagne. “It’s important to give everyone in the LGBT community a voice, even if we did delete Facebook comments on the show’s page that called us out for reinforcing negative stereotypes about Transgender people. But, if you don’t count that part and a few other things, we’ve been nothing but inclusive.”

Some Broadway fans in line at TKTS, such as Brooklyn resident Lauren Newcomb, were not quite convinced by the production’s nod toward inclusivity.

“What?” asked Newcomb, visibly dumbfounded. “Wait… do they think that everyone believes the T in LGBT stands for Tootsie? I mean, I know that they really double-downed on being extremely problematic by not even having the decency to address the elements people are concerned about, but are they truly this delusional?” she asked, later requesting that The Broadway Beat notes she was in line for tickets to King Kong and not that show in question.

At press time, Tootsie producers were gathered around a large clock counting down to Monday morning, when, as producer Benjamin Lowy puts it, “Tootsie will retake its’ universally supported and completely not tone-deaf place in the LGBT title” before awarding himself a medal for Transgender ally-ship.

The average life expectancy of a trans WOC is between 30 and 35. Please support and donate to Translifeline, The Trevor Project, and the TransWomen of Color Collective. Click on the links below for more information.


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