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TONYs Postponed So Broadway Can Have Another Opportunity to Be Back

by Steven Verdile. @StevenVerdileCreative.

NEW YORK, NY - The 76th Annual TONY Awards Telecast has been postponed due to the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America. While it’s disappointing to performers and theatre fans alike, it means that soon, Broadway will have another opportunity to be back.

“When I think of Broadway, I think of how it’s always back, baby,” said one Broadway marketer while opening an old Google Doc named "IDEAS - FALL 2021". “Something can’t be back if it’s never gone, so it has to go. So... then it can be back? Instead of restructuring the industry so that it doesn't have to rely on an annual televised event as its largest marketing push, we're just gonna keeping come back.”

When asked for a statement, a mysterious spokesperson for the WGA, wearing a ring leader-esque black spandex suit, stepped into a spotlight to comment.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for our inability to bring you the finale that we promised. As soon as there is fair compensation for the talented writers who bring us the TONYs, Broadway will be back. So back that you’ll be enchanted by an opening medley of songs about Broadway, and forcefully struck by the magic of theatre. But until then? No more lines, no more awards, and no more magic!”


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