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Theatre Kid at Super Bowl Party Pays Attention After Hearing Chiefs Feature Multiple Michigan Grads

by Mike Abrams. @TheWrongCatDied.

MURRAY HILL, NY - Theatre fanatic and Pace University grad Christina Webber put down her plate of boneless wings to start watching the Super Bowl after hearing that the Chiefs starting line up features multiple Michigan grads, just like Broadway.

“Why did no one tell me Michigan was good at theatre AND football?” exclaimed Webber as she asked her friends if they had a Playbill for the game so she could look up the performers. “So, like, these two Michigan grads work together on the football field? It’s just like how Lorna Courtney and Ben Jackson Walker are currently working together on & Juliet, and how Erica Henningsen, Taylor Louderman, and Ashley Park worked together on Mean Girls. I love football.”

Webber’s friend James Rose noted that the friend group was worried she might find a way to turn the Super Bowl party into a conversation about theatre. Rose is just praying Chiefs starting QB Patrick Maholmes stays healthy so Webber doesn’t start asking why “the understudy” from Michigan, Chad Henne, isn’t always in the principal role.


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