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Local Theatre Group Leaning Heavily on "World Premiere" in Marketing of Show

by Garrett Brown. @garrettbrownproductions.

SEATTLE, WA - Local company SoundStage Players announced the World Premiere of an all new play entitled Dan and Juliet, choosing to emphasize the "World Premiere" element in all marketing for the show.

“Everyone has that annoying friend who brags that they were able to see Hamilton with the original cast,” says two time Tony-attending writer/director Alexander Jake. “We want to give the people of Seattle the opportunity to see that Shakespeare can actually be titillating as well as hip! Dan and Juliet will provide a fresh modern face for Romeo & Juliet, including commentary on hot topics like Tinder. Did I mention this isn't just the Seattle premiere but the WORLD premiere?"

Jake’s co-lead, Hannah Banest, took to social media to delve into her excitement.

“I’ll be honest, when Alexander slid into my DM’s to offer me the role, I wasn’t sure if I had the range to be his Juliet,” Banes mused in her Instagram story. “Alexander assured me that I was, and that I was the only person who had responded to the ad specifying that there was no stipend available for a four month rehearsal process with a six week run. It obviously is a lot to balance with driving for DoorDash, but I think future casting directors will be quick to notice the notation on my resume that I was a part of the World Premiere cast!”

SoundStage Players publicist Erin Chess also debuted their poster for Dan and Juliet, which features the crackling chemistry of Hannah Banest’s Juliet and Alexander Jake (playing the titular role of Dan) leaning in for a kiss under the Space Needle.

“I’m so glad I had the chance to highlight our wonderful city in my poster design - Seattle is almost like the third lead of the show! I do wish Alexander didn’t make me reposition everything into the bottom right hand corner, but I guess the phrase 'Immerse Yourself in the World Premiere of a Brand New Phenomenon' is more eye-catching to the public.”

Along with the new poster, SoundStage Players also debuted a new marketing hashtag, encouraging audiences to use #danandjulietbrandnewfabulousworldpremieredidwementionitsnew on social media.

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