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“The Lightning Thief” Crew Begins Lengthy, Complex Set Strike Oh Wait They’re Done

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - The crew of Broadway’s limited run, cult-bloved The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical began to strike the set following the show’s closing this past weekend, beginning what is expected to be, as is usual for a show's closure, a long and complex process including a large staff and a rigorous schedule and oh wait they’re done, sources confirmed.

“Yeah, it took about four minutes,” noted Longacre Theatre Stage Crew Head, Maxine Horace. “We pretty much just flushed the toilet paper and put everything else in one single shoebox. There was still a lot of room in the shoebox, too. Like, I could hear stuff rattling around, so I knew there was a lot of room."

Cast members who volunteered to pitch in for the deconstruction found the experience equally brief.

“We’ve all been taken this crazy journey together - it was only right that each of us have a hand in ending it, too,” noted cast member Ronny Burrott. “By the time I put on my protective eyewear and gloves, the crew were already on their second wrap beer. All of the costumes fit in one, neat pile on the edge of the stage, and the lights all fit into one of those Christmas string light boxes. Not even a big set of string lights for a family or youth center or something - a small one.”

Not all pieces were simply discarded, however. 

“Everyone took a scrap of the “Camp Half-Blood” sign as a memento of the experience,” noted the show’s composer, Rob Rokicki. “I don’t know how long it’ll last though - the sign was just a big red sheet cake we hung up, cause that was, surprisingly, cheaper than having a real sign printed at Staples. We’ve used the same one since the tour though, so I suggest nobody eat it like I did,” he yelled from behind his bathroom door.

At press time, the crew at Broadway’s Waitress, which closed the same day as Percy, were seen desperately attempting to finish all the pies baked for the show’s run before giving up the theater, adding that many of those, too, are the same ones used since the show's opening.


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