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Alright! Tech Crew Smokes a Ton Before Show, Has No Idea It’s 4/20

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - Happy Stoner Day, weedos! The entire tech crew behind a recent matinee performance smoked a ton before working the performance, but quickly confirmed it was absolutely not a 4/20 thing.

“Why do you keep asking me what day it is? The answer is ‘a two-show day’,” noted sound technician Walter Bullo, not even attempting to hide his pen between acts. “Oh, it’s 4/20. Cool I gue- THANK YOU FIVE” he yelled into his walkie before taking a hit so deep you saw his stomach expand.

At press time, a group of teens nearby were splitting an edible eight ways, while a stressed out stage manager swallowed a handful of weed gummies as a lunch side dish.


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