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Two Straight Teens Attend Performance of "Bare: A Pop Opera"; Leave as Two Teens

by Daniel Frasco. Twitter: @DanielFrasco_. Instagram: @Daniel_Frasco.

MIAMI BEACH, Fl. - Reports are surfacing that hetrosexual teenagers Luke Parker and Georgia Guzman recently attended a performance of saw the gay, teen musical Bare: A Pop Opera, and left the theatre feeling “different” than how they entered.

“The show is about two gay students at a Catholic boarding school, it was really powerful,” explained Guzman who is soon to learn a lot about herself. “I just felt so seen, you know, cause I’m Catholic too. This was the first show I’ve seen with nudity, it was very effective… to the storytelling of course,” added Parker, who already followed all of the leads on instagram.

Choreographer and avant-garde Intimacy Coordinator Brandy Wolfe described how the nudity and sex scenes between the characters played out on the stage.

“We wanted the sex between Jason and Peter to be raw and emotional,” she said while swaying like a tantirc crab. “I hope the audience feels invigorated; I think we may have even awoken something bigger in some of them.” She cartwheeled away before she could elaborate.

Audience member and person with eyes, Paul Gomer, spoke to the demographic the show brought in.

“They all had a certain flair. I don’t know how else to elaborate on that,” he contested while passing a vision test with flying colors. “Everyone in the theater had an iced coffee and restless leg syndrome, if that helps explain it.”

The producers have said that Bare: A Pop Opera will continue its run until everyone in Miami Beach realizes they're at least a little gay. The show will close next week.


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