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Stage Manager "Unprepared" for “Beauty & The Beast” Mob Scene Even Though It's Clearly in Script

by The Broadway Beat.

WASHINGTON D.C. - The stage managers of a recent performance of Beauty & The Beast found themselves completely surprised and unprepared for the show’s climactic mob scene, despite it being clearly written in his script since at least November of 2020, sources confirmed.

“We had no idea this was coming,” noted stage manager Wayne Durbock in regard to what is literally called “The Mob Song (Kill The Beast)”. “We were totally ready - perhaps too ready - to make the calls during a slow, peaceful song like ‘A Change in Me’, but really had no idea everyone was gonna gather in protest like they did. Who could have expected that?” questioned Durbock, who, in his spare time, frequently beast hunts on the weekends and on Facebook.

More to come as this story develops.


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