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“Sleep No More" Announces New Policy Where They Can Kill You

by Rebecca Slaman. @rebeccaslaman.

NEW YORK, NY - Immersive theatrical experience Sleep No More, which presents a multi-room staging of Macbeth in which the audience gets up close and personal with the cast, announced a new policy this week in which the actors are allowed to kill you, sources have confirmed.

“I think audiences are going to be really excited about this change,” says Sleep No More’s artistic director Phoebe Pellman. “With the New York theatre scene becoming more experimental, we have to stay on the forefront of our truly immersive experience. Our primary text is Macbeth, so we are really excited about being the first production where an audience member might not only witness a real murder, but be a victim themselves,” she added.

Patrons of Sleep No More” often return numerous times, as every person’s experience is unique. You are free to wander about the space, following actors or plotlines as you like. With this new policy, patrons will have to consider which performers might be capable of murder in order to either avoid them, or egg them on for he complete experience. The cast is thrilled by the update.

“I think it’s a really fresh, really ‘now’ change,” comments actor Dean McMallon. “This adds a new challenge for us. We can’t murder too many rich, cosplaying Shakespeare nerds, as they’re the ones paying our salaries. I think the choice of victim will come down to who looks like they’re having the worst time, cause they probably won’t come back anyway,” he added before sharpening many, many axes.

Some fans of the show are delighted by the exclusivity and uniqueness of the performances. Noted true crime lover Tricia Fanst believes the new policy will add another layer of intrigue, and plans to be the first in line once the policy is implemented. 

“I cant wait to see a real murder - what a raw theatrical experience,” she noted. “I once saw a guy accidentally turn his phone’s flashlight toward the woman playing Lady Macbeth, and the look that was in the actor’s eyes still gives me nightmares. If she had been allowed to legally kill him? What a rush for the audience,” she added with frankly a bit too much excitement.

At press time, city officials have been alerted not to send emergency vehicles to the McKittrick Hotel if called upon, as producers believe it would “ruin the experience.” Audience members are encouraged to make peace with all friends and family members before the show begins, and are reminded that under no circumstances may they touch or interact with the actors, even if they’re the ones killing them.

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04 jul 2022

Can you wear glasses to the performance?

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