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New SIX Royalty Program Offers Beheading After Sixth Visit

by Mike Abrams. @TheWrongCatDied.

NEW YORK, NY  -  The Broadway musical SIX has announced an innovative new “Royalty Program” for repeat Queendom visitors, with prizes that include a SIX branded ring light after the third visit and a beheading after the sixth visit. 

“We are excited to offer this new loyalty program to our most dedicated visiting queens,” shared SIX marketing director Greta Percha in between practice swings of a battle axe. “We hope that by rewarding repeat visitors with perks related to the musical, we will create SIX fans for life… well, at least for the duration of their life.”

Other rewards to the SIX Royalty Program include a visit to a nunnery after the first visit; a full trial and divorce after the fourth visit; and a private guitar lesson after the fifth visit.

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