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In Her Reputation Era? Woman Prefers "Dog Sees God" to "You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”

by Daniel Frasco. Twitter: @DanielFrasco_. Instagram: @Daniel_Frasco.

WINSLOW, AZ - BFA auditioner Agatha Samson announced she has entered her “Reputation era” by posting on Instagram that she no longer cares for the hit musical You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown and instead prefers the darker, edgier tone the Peanuts characters take in the play Dog Sees God.

“A Reputation era is all about releasing your inner badass,” Samson explained while ripping up an annotated copy of the “Coat Hanger Sculpture” monologue. “I loved Charlie Brown when I was younger and more naive, but now I love to see those characters as young adults fucking each other and committing crimes.”

Carl Mudge, portraying Charlie Brown in his school’s production of Dog Sees God, described how aging the Peanuts made them seem more real.

“It shows high schoolers authentically. We’re complex, we have trauma,” he declared angrily while trying to get his Airpods to sync. “It’s the same characters we love, just more real. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Sally give Linus a blowjob?” Mudge’s question, delivered in a room with upwards of thirty people, was met with silence.

Kelsey Montgomery, beginner gymnast and longtime frenemy of Samson, weighed in on how the story embodies a Reputation type transformation.

“I no longer care to see Lucy take the football away from Charlie. I want to see her incarcerated, lamenting about her abortion,” Montgomery said while untangling herself from aerial silks. “Peanuts characters lacked depth. Now they don’t. In a world where ‘pig pen’ is a slur, it gives you a lot to think about.”

Samson’s instagram post has been met with mixed reactions. Some applaud her for her brave stance, while others condemn her for rejecting tradition. When asked to comment on her haters all Samson offered was this:

“Like Lucy says in Dog Sees God, ‘Bitches like that make me sick’.”


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