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A Lovely Tribute! These Megafans Celebrated the 25th Anniversary of “Rent” by Being Born in the 90s

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyisfamous.

Wow! Rent, the Pulitzer Prize winning rock-musical just reached its 25th anniversary milestone. Megafans everywhere are celebrating this landmark achievement in the most touching way possible: by being born in the 1990s.

“We could have been born in the 80s and waited for the Rock of Ages 25th anniversary,” says Trent McDonnell, a Rent fanatic who claims to have previously celebrated the musical by going to Santa Fe that one time on a family vacation in 2011. “But the 90s just felt right… for our parents to make us, by sex.”

Super fan Melissa Crawford, who winks at every bucket drummer she passes on the subway, celebrated in a similar manner.

“Sure we could have celebrated with any of the famous examples in ‘La Vie Boheme’. Handcrafted beers made in local breweries? No. Yoga or yogurt? No. Our parents having intercourse in the early 90s? You’re welcome, Taye Diggs.”

Still, some members of the theatre community found their tribute a bit vague.

“I get that 90s jeans are coming back, but that doesn’t make it a Rent tribute,” noted Natalie Daver, who was tragically born on January 1st, 2000. “Just celebrate a musical’s anniversary the normal way: by looking at some photos posted by the show’s cast, listening to the cast recording, and Googling ‘how to fake a birth certificate so it looks like you were born in the 90s and can join in the fun’ except forget I said that last part.”

At press time, the United States government is also celebrating Rent’s 25th anniversary by not helping you pay yours.


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