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“Ratatouille” Faces Controversy; Rat Revealed to be Controlling Andrew Barth Feldman’s Vocal Cords

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - The much-anticipated concert presentation of the viral smash Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical has been served a plate of unexpected controversy, as it’s been revealed that actor Andrew Barth Feldman has been hiding a small, highly dexterous rat under his hat to control his vocal cords for the performance, sources confirmed.

“I was just so nervous,” noted Feldman, who plays Linguini in the production and who kept showing us the inside of his hat to prove that nobody was controlling his interview answers. “I love the theater so much and want to do a great job, so when Mandy Ratinkin came around and offered to help, I couldn’t pass it up. He’s the true rat of all our dreams.”

The concert, a fundraiser for The Actor’s Fund based on songs from the viral TikTok sensation, features an all-star cast including Titus Burgess, Andre De Shields & more. Some of Feldman’s castmates weighed in on the shocking twist.

“I think everyone’s missing the real message here,” noted Kevin Chamberlin, who portrays Gusteau in the concert and was still dressed like a chef for some reason. “It’s not the fact that he had a live, possibly disease-ridden rat marionetting his voice. It’s not even that it raises the question of how long this relationship has been going on. I mean, was the rat there during Dear Evan Hansen? Who cares. All this proves is one thing I’ve been saying for decades: Anyone Can Tenor.”

Still, many were not willing to let the snafu go.

“It’s despicable,” noted renowned, feared theatre critic Ben Brantley, longing for his mother’s performances from childhood. “I’ll be there for the concert tonight, and if his voice doesn’t soar past the rafters of my Dell laptop, then they’re finished. Yes, they’re finished either way because it’s only a one time thing, but still… finished.”

At press time, we caught up with Mandy Ratinkin for his take on the controversy, but it turns out that it’s just a regular rat that cannot speak, so, you know… ew.


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