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Rachel Zegler Announces Broadway Debut, Originating the Role of Kevin Jonas

by Luke Maynus. @Luke.Maynus.

NEW YORK, NY - After teasing fans online this past week, West Side Story star Rachel Zegler has finally announced her Broadway debut: joining the cast of the Jonas Brothers Broadway Residency, originating the role of Kevin Jonas.

“Maria is NOTHING compared to this!” exclaimed Zegler, while being fit with a curly black wig and one of those lightweight scarves that every pop-star in the early 2000s wore for some reason. “I was so honored when Nick and Joe told me I was the only one they had in mind for the role.”

Zegler posted a picture earlier this morning announcing her involvement alongside co-stars Nick and Joe Jonas, who will be playing themselves. Kevin Jonas will join the cast for Wednesday matinees and alternating Thursdays.


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