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QUIZ: Was the "SpongeBob" Musical Underrated or Were You Just Extremely High When You Saw It?

by Sarah Lazarus. @theeslaz.

For many theatre fans, SpongeBob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical was a highlight of the 2017 Broadway season - highlighting it's colorful and inventive production design, fun pop songs, and energetic, multi-talented cast. However, the show does beg the question: Is it truly an underrated theatrical feat, or were you just extremely high when you saw it?

Take our quiz below and to find out if you were high when you saw SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical!

1. When you walked out of the theatre, what thoughts were going through your head?

A. Fun! This would be a great show for my little cousin B. Wow… there were so many metaphors for climate change

C. Maybe I am just a simple sponge

2. Out of these three songs, which was your favorite?

A. Bikini Bottom Day

B. Hero Is My Middle Name

C. Octopus's Garden

3. When you looked in the playbill, which pop artist were you most excited to see had written a song?

A. John Legend

B. Panic! At The Disco

C. The Palace Theatre

4. Which character did you relate to most and why?

A. Sandy; she is smart, inventive, and risked her own life to save the people in her town

B. SpongeBob; he is just a regular dude with a couple of friends trying to save Bikini Bottom, one dance number at a time

C. The many fish; I felt like they were swimming with me, not at me

5. How many tentacles does Squidward have?

A. Five

B. Four

C. For

6. Did you like the show?

A. I liked it a lot, it was fun

B. I loved it. It was one of the best shows that I’ve seen in years. The music, acting, and book were incredible

C. Wow. It blew my mind. I was transcended to another world. I’ll definitely be more careful when I swim in the ocean now that I know that fish can belt high notes and own burger restaurants

Mostly A’s: You were sober and just liked the show

Mostly B’s: A little high but mostly just liked the show

Mostly C’s: Extremely high. Like, really, really high. You also probably indulged in a couple of over-priced cocktails at the bar


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