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PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Cast Announces They Will Be Going to IHOP After Closing if Your Mom Can Drive

by Luke Maynus. @ Luke.Maynus.

NEW YORK, NY — The cast of the acclaimed and long running Broadway musical The Phantom of the Opera has announced plans to go to the International House of Pancakes after the final bow of their record-breaking thirty five year run; pending your mom’s availability to drive them there.

“My mom is normally the go-to chauffeur, but she’s picking up my sister from soccer practice right now, so she can’t take us,” explained ensemble member Peter Reginald as he signed the dollar store “thank you” card the cast bought for their director as a closing night gift. “Plus the Phantom’s mom doesn’t let him ride with parents she hasn’t met yet, and she knows yours.”

At press time, it is unclear how the cast will be able to make their late night dinner reservation without the assistance of your mother. If it sways her decision, however, sources say they won’t be out late, as all cast and crew is called for strike at 9:00 AM the following morning.


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