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Ya Got Trouble! Local Production of MUSIC MAN Includes Guy Who Touches Your Shoulder Too Long

by T.J. Pieffer. @tjpieffer.

LANCASTER, Pa. - Stage Left’s upcoming production of The Music Man features local regular Mike Alterman, who will be playing the role of the train conductor and also touching your shoulder for a few seconds longer than he should.

“We’ve rented some gorgeous backdrops, built a whole train car interior, and cast Mike, who is a big hugger,” said director Scott Nichols while shaking his head and laughing. “Ya gotta understand, he’s just from a different generation!”

Alterman was last seen as Gomez Addams in Stage Left’s The Addams Family. “I loved playing him because I got to be really goofy and I also got to have a wife!” he explained as he smacked this reporter’s back really hard. “Kidding! Though, I do hope the train conductor in The Music Man has a River City library card, if you know what I mean. Maybe they can add a scene where Marian the Librarian and the train conductor get to go on a date!”

Jim Milano, who is playing the mayor, says Alterman’s backstage decorum is all in good fun.

“Oh, that’s just Mike! He’s a legend in the theater community here,” he explained, touching this reporter’s arm. “The two of us have been performing with Stage Left for over thirty years. He’s a riot and always asks my wife to slow dance with him backstage.”

Alterman cut our interview short after he spotted the Pick-a-Little Talk-a-Little actresses.

“Hey, I gotta run. Just thought of a funny joke to tell m’ladies!” he said as he exited, finally taking his hand off of this reporter’s shoulder.


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