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Man Screaming at Start of “Waitress” Reopening Actually Doing It Cause He Saw a Bug

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyisfamous.

NEW YORK, NY - Local theatre lover Dan Summers announced last night that while audience members at Waitress were cheering for the reopening of Broadway, he was actually screaming because he saw a bug.

“Oh, man, it was so scary,” noted Summers, hidden underneath his blankie. “One minute I was in my Orchestra seat flipping through my Playbill, and the next I was on my feet smacking that Playbill and clapping my hands to squish that nasty creepy crawler. All of a sudden everyone was standing, screaming and clapping too!”

Amanda Garcia, another opening night audience member lucky enough to welcome back the Broadway musical, noticed Summers shouting.

“We were all so excited to see live theatre again after over a year without it,” stated Garcia, eyes darting around the room. “But then right at curtain, I noticed this guy kept screaming, ‘Oh my god, it’s a monster. It’s 6 ft tall. It has 800 legs, save yourself!’ Which… there’s no way… right?"

Leading lady and songstress Sara Bareilles weighed in after we screamed at her dressing room window, since they’re no longer stagedooring.

“I did notice one man screaming way longer and way louder than the rest of the crowd”, said Bareilles, yelling back even though it’s probably bad for her voice. “He must really love the show, or really hate bugs. I hope it’s the first.”

Summers also claimed he lost track of the bug after the opening number, but knows it’s “still out there, and oh man, it’s ginormous.” The big, nasty, freaky boy is expected to make surprise appearances in at least evening performances throughout the rest of the run. Its Actors Equity membership is currently pending.


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