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“All Lin-Manuel Miranda Sounds the Same” says Twitter User Who Doesn’t Know What a Time Signature Is

by Kat Mokrynski. @katm1832.

LEXINGTON, Va. - Twitter user Benjamin Young declared on Twitter today that, according to him, “all of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s stuff sounds the same,” even though he has no idea what a musical time signature is.

“It all started when I saw this TikTok Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine posted,” Young said, taking time off from defending his Tweet in the replies. “She was lip-synching to a mashup and it made me realize that the two songs sounded exactly the same. How is Lin getting away with this? And no, I don’t know what ‘key’ means, why?”

Young has never seen Encanto and half-watched Hamilton on Disney+ back in 2020, providing what he considers “enough credibility” to stand by his argument. Jimmy Taylor, one of Young’s followers, was asked to comment on his tweets.

“Ben and I have been mutuals for ages and I 100% agree with him!” he told us while locked in a heated Twitter debate with a 13-year-old. “We were just DM’ing last night about how ridiculous all of Lin’s stuff is. Now I’ve never seen a musical, but I definitely know a thing or two about music - I was a DJ for my high school’s homecoming party.”

Evelyn Gray, Benjamin’s girlfriend, who has been trying to explain to him what those little dots on guitar frets mean for months, is also concerned about her boyfriend’s obsession with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“Listen, I’ve seen Hamilton on Broadway, so I can say I know a thing or two. Ben, on the other hand, spent an hour last night ranting about how Lin keeps repeating the same stuff over and over again, but then talks about how much he loves Oasis and their ‘unique sound’.”

Young is currently working on his next Twitter thread target: a piece questioning how Stephen Sondheim was able to get away with copying Miranda’s rapping style.


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