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EXCLUSIVE: Why This Broadway Icon Was Edited Out of the "tick, tick... BOOM!" Diner Scene

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

(EXCLUSIVE) NEW YORK, NY - Re[ports are circulating this morning that the instant classic Moondance Diner scene in Lin-Manuel Miranda's acclaimed adaptation of Jonathan Larson's tick, tick... BOOM! was set to feature one more Broadway cameo unceremoniously cut from the final product: the King Kong Puppet from the musical King Kong. We caught up with Miranda himself to finally get the story straight on this shocking edit.

"Having the puppet itself is one thing, but it was way too difficult to hide the 12 people dressed in all black operating it," noted Miranda, who, I guess, kind of has a point. "Plus, the monkey doesn't sing, or even really speak. We couldn't just have him grunting in the background. I'm sure this is a problem all film directors have faced at one point," he added, wrongly.

At press time, fans were seen gathering outside of Netflix headquarters, while the hashtag #ReleaseTheKingKongPuppetCutOfTickTickBoomWhichIsOutNowOnNetflix has begun to trend on Twitter, with a total of three tweets thus far - all from an account named @KongAnon.


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