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Evening the Score? Jeremy O. Harris Texts in the Front Row at Rihanna’s Halftime Performance

by Jonathan Hogue. @jthogue2.

GLENDALE, Arizona – In response to pop star Rihanna’s infamous 2019 incident where she arrived late and texted during a performance of Jeremy O. Harris’ Slave Play on Broadway, Harris has reportedly arrived exactly six minutes into Rihanna’s twelve-minute Super Bowl Halftime Show, and is currently texting from the front row.

“Listen, I worship my queen, but I also gotta do things my own way,” stated Harris while wearing an outfit loosely inspired by Princess Diana’s "revenge dress". “I’m serving dramaturgy. It’s giving savage, it’s giving Brecht, it’s giving Gay Fantasia on National Themes.”

The stunt - in which Harris is texting a series of quotes from Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness to reality star Lisa Vanderpump - is reportedly an act of performance art costing roughly $1.2 million, and a co-production between New York Theatre Workshop and Clubbed Thumb.

It is also confirmed that a majority of the 103.2 million Americans tuned into the broadcast simply have not noticed.


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