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Inspiring! This Actor Quit

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

LOS ANGELES - Get ready for a little dose of “Yes I Can”: Local actor Natalie Cambridge announced this week that she planned to fully quit the profession after nine years, a move which has inspired and motivated fellow actors across the globe, sources confirmed.

“It’s touching that people have found solace and encouragement in me quitting,” noted the actor, who appeared in one episode of the Netflix series Love as well as a local commercial for Ben’s Chili House during her tenure in the industry. “I’m thrilled to be free from this industry once and for all, and am here to tell everyone that if I can do it, so can you. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t, and definitely don’t let anyone talk you into taking your 15th Acting For Camera class. 15 is too many. It’s just too many.” Other performers have found themselves moved by Cambridge’s seemingly insurmountable feat, attempting to join her in the free ranks of people who decided to just knock this off.

“I never thought I could do something like this,” noted Chicago-based actor/writer/director/dancer/emcee Jake West Wilson. “I thought I’d be in this industry forever, hopelessly trudging from audition to audition, but now I see - I can do literally anything else. Anything. And there are so many other things to do. Better things. Things where people are nice and you don’t have to wait in a weird hallway at 6am on a Tuesday. Even if you think you can’t quit, trust me, you can. And you should, so that when I get back into the game there’s less competition.”

Casting directors are shaking in their proverbial boots at the new, unsuspected confidence of the world’s working actors.

“We never thought they’d find out it was possible to quit,” said renowned casting director Mitchell Turrat. “We thought we’d have an endless pool of talent that we could slowly squeeze the life from for decades to come, but now they’re all leaving - pursuing things that… that… ‘truly make them happy’? I guess my main question is… can I do that? Can I also quit? Because oh boy I’d love to.”

At press time, over 200 actors from around the world have reportedly given up the profession. As a result, mental health professionals are seeing steep declines in the number of patients and prescriptions filled, while Natalie Cambridge herself is reportedly the front runner for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.


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