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"Wait For My Go," Pregnant Stage Manager Tells Baby While in Labor

by Divyansh Kulshrestha. @Gr8Divyansh.

CHICAGO - Screaming through the pain of successive contractions to take command of the situation before it gets out of hand, stage manager and soon-to-be mother Martha Giles reportedly told the baby in her womb to wait for her go before proceeding into the world.

“Places, everyone! QUICK!” shouted Martha as the doctors ran in through the doors. “Let’s do this one fast and get out of here as soon as possible. Baby in the womb, wait for my GO!”

Her husband Joseph Giles, also a stage manager, was present in the room to support her at this very crucial moment.

“Spot 1, pick up Martha. Spot 2, iris down. Spot 3…oh shit, that light is shining right in her eyes. Get it away from here. Warning, everyone,” said Joseph, as he checked his prompt book for any blocking notes. “Hey, whose phone is that? What did I tell you all? How many times do I have to repeat this?"

Dr. Bill Romano, Martha’s gynecologist, was really surprised at the orderly manner in which Martha wanted her baby to arrive.

“Before the delivery, she marked the corners of her bed with blue tape, stuck blue filters on the light bulbs in the room, gave sharpened pencils to all the doctors for writing their reports and demanded a cup of coffee while complaining about how long she’s gone without sleep."

At press time, Martha was heard chastising Dr. Bill after he delivered the baby, saying, “Is that *your* prop? Hand it over to me right now and get back to your place right now.”


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