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“Funny Girl” Announces Lighting Tech Kevin Will Be Replaced by Sarah, You Know, In Case Anyone Cares

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - Following the announcement that Funny Girl stars Beanie Feldstein and Jane Lynch will be replaced by Lea Michele and Tovah Feldshuh, respectively, the production has also announced that assistant lighting technician Kevin Luppers is also leaving the show, and will be replaced by local tech Sarah Pout, you know, just in case anybody wants to know that.

“This job was fun! And everyone was really nice. Is… is that enough for a statement?” questioned Kevin as we corned him by the booth. “Sarah’s gonna do great. She has a lot of experience and is, uh, certified in everything she needs to be. No, there’s no awkwardness between us, why would you ask? I got her the job.”

At press time, while the depths of theatre twitter were debating the show’s new leading ladies, Kevin and his co-workers were celebrating his last day with cupcakes and also some beer.

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