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Yay! Female Character in Play Doesn’t Become a Bitch Until Act Two

by Catherine Weingarten. @sarahkaneissexy.

COLUMBUS, OH - Local Playwright Steve Van Van was heralded as a feminist playwriting hero as his new play, Women’s Dreams, reportedly features a female character who doesn’t become a bitch until all the way in Act Two.

“I’m so #blessed,” said Van Van, sporting a pink “I Always Pass the Bechdel Test” t-shirt. “I've been writing plays for a while now, and to finally be honored for my depiction of women truly means so much. I actually based the role of 'Brenda' on my ex-girlfriend - coincidentally also named Brenda. I'm proud to showcase her humanity during Act One before revealing her to be a total bitch cause she slept with my cousin.”

A local audience member, Natasha Hooten, was blown away by the play's female representation.

“So many female characters are not well written," said Hooten, sporting a mohawk and a shirt that says, “I Swing Both Ways on the Weekend." "But it meant so much to me that the play showed a woman acting in such complex ways in Act One before she became a heinous bitch who slept with the main character's cousin and his father. Usually they’re just horrible the whole play! I feel very seen.”

The play has also been getting attention from feminist activist Gloria Steinem.

“This is what the women’s movement is all about,” said Steinem, while chugging some beers. "It’s about showing the dimensions of women and our beautiful complexity, even if it’s just for like 10 minutes towards the end. Also, I like that the detail of her having big boobs was subtle.”

At press time, The league of Professional Theatre Women have declared Steve Van Van to be their President.


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