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Devastating: Spotify Wrapped Reveals “Theatre Nerd” Just Like Everybody Else

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyisfamous.

HOBOKEN, NJ - Self proclaimed “obsessed theatre nerd” Bethany Price, 24, has found herself truly devastated after her Spotify Wrapped, logging her most-listened to artists and songs of the year, revealed she’s really just like everyone else, sources confirmed.

“I pride myself on being all musical theatre all the time,” explained Price, whose 2019 top artists are Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. “I listen to all of it - Broadway soundtracks, live performance, even the underground stuff. I mean, who else plays the cast recording of Adding Machine at dinner parties?” added Price, who also has Pitbull in her top 10.

Price wasn’t the only “theatre kid” to be confronted with a harsh truth. 

“I was really shocked to find out that my top artist of the decade was Taylor Swift,” said Tyler Spears, wearing merch from 1981’s critical flop, Bring Back Birdie, “But I mean, she did perform at the Grammys, as did Miley Cyrus, who is friends with The Flaming Lips, who wrote a song for The Spongebob Musical - so in a way, I’m actually the world’s biggest musical theatre fan,” he added.

The Broadway Beat reached out to a Spotify algorithm specialist for comment.

“I think these guys are all talk,” noted engineer Robby Hallstoff. “This is literally data collected from their years of being Spotify listeners. Maybe they constantly try to impress people with facts about the workshop stages of Hadestown and tell people that Steel Pier was robbed, but at the end of the day they go home and listen to Lizzo. All in all, they’re actually pretty basic,” he added.

At press time, Price was seen attempting to track down a copy of the cast recording for the short-lived 1963 musical Hot Spot while simultaneously discussing with some friends how many dates of Maroon 5’s upcoming tour they should buy tickets for.


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