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Audience Member Upset His "Company" Playbill Has Picture of "Some Old Guy" Instead of Bobbie

by Mike Abrams. @TheWrongCatDied.

NEW YORK, NY - Tourist George Williams waved his Playbill in anger at Sunday’s matinee of Company, asking everyone within five rows of him why Bobbie wasn’t on the cover and "who this old guy" was.

“I have no idea who this guy on the cover even is,” exclaimed Williams, while his wife quietly apologized to everyone sitting around them. “I only agreed to see this show since I’m a huge fan of Netflix’s Ozark. When I saw at the TKTS booth that one of the cast members was going to be Bobbie, I had to get my hands on her cover. Instead, I end up with this rando.”

Marie Williams, George’s wife and choir teacher at North Central High School, was pleasantly surprised by the commemorative Playbill.

“I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get one of the limited edition Sondheim covers,” shared Mrs. Williams in between apologizing to the people sitting around her. “My choir performed a tribute to Sondheim during our holiday special last year after his passing. I was really proud of the performance, but George had to miss it for his company’s Sunday softball game in the park.”

Jamal Brueckmann, an avid theatregoer from the Upper East Side, sat next to the Williams’ and shared their brief conversation from the show’s intermission.

“I kept trying to tell him to just sell this on eBay and buy the one he wanted,” stated Brueckmann, being apologized to by Mrs. Williams. “I saw they were going for over $100 on eBay, but I’d never sell mine. I tried to buy his from him but his wife had already tucked them away in her Kipling backpack at that point.”

Williams also spent an hour after the show asking every usher if he could get “one of the good ones” from the storage room. He was finally escorted out of the building after Patti LuPone - an actress Williams didn’t recognize, as she was not in Ozark - demanded he leave since his mask was under his nose.


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