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"City Center Put Their Whole Cussy Into This Season!" Tweets Man Hoping to One Day Enter the Kingdom of God

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - Local theatre fan Nick Welsher unabashedly tweeted "city center put their whole cussy into this season!" today, despite the fact that he one day hopes to be welcomed with open arms into the Kingdom of God.

"Ragtime? Urinetown? LaChuisa??? City Center is turning my Cussy out," he replied to himself, apparently forgetting that this life is but a test to decide whether we're worthy of eternal bliss. "I can't wait to see Joshua Henry and Caissie Levy put their whole Ragtussy into that show," he added, honestly getting kind of exhausting, even by mortal standards.

At press time, Welsher was seen yassifying an image of Victoria Clark - a move which has left Satan pleading with the universe to not send the man to Hell either, on the basis of the fact that Satan "just can't."


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