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Let's See How HE Likes It! “A Christmas Carol” Ghosts Team Up to Perform Jefferson Mays’ Life Story

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - The three ghosts featured in Charles Dicken’s classic A Christmas Carol are reportedly staging a performance of actor Jefferson Mays’ life story, in retaliation to his one-person performance of the beloved tale.

“One guy, trying to tell all of our stories? We’ll see how 'inventive and fresh' he feels after us three spooky ghouls play him, his parents, his friends, and everyone else he got to know while being raised in Clinton, Connecticut,” noted The Ghost of Christmas Past, applying to the BA program at Yale in order to really “stick it” to Mays.

“Locals and tourists alike, experiencing a timeless classic, told by an incredibly versatile performer? Yawn. How 'bout the life story of that same performer told over the course of six hours, no intermission, by three fuckin’ demons. Well, not 'demons'. I don't know, it's a layered piece."

At press time, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come were seen arguing over who would get to portray Mays during the two weeks where he filmed his four-episode arc on The Americans, which is an oddly long section of the play. The performance is set to take place in your bedroom this Christmas, to only those who need to see it, with original music by Pasek & Paul.

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