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“The Cast Sings Just Fine,” says “Some Like It Hot” Producer When Asked if Production is Tone Deaf

by Emily Claypoole. IG: @playdohpoole. Twitter: @thisisemilyok.

NEW YORK, NY – Following the announcement that an adaptation of the 1959 film Some Like It Hot will be coming to Broadway, producers responded to backlash that the production was tone deaf, clarifying that “the actors can sing just fine”.

“People keep saying that the show is ‘tone deaf’, but I don’t get it. All of the actors are trained in musical theater. They can obviously carry a tune,” David Suntill, a producer for the show commented while adding a sticker to his Mercedes bumper reading “I don’t see color”. “Tone deafness is something that affects millions of people in this country every year. It feels a little insensitive for people to keep bringing it up over and over no matter how many times others ask them not to.”

At press time, Suntill assured naysayers that Some Like It Hot will be full of capable and talented actors of all different walks of life - just like his next project, a musical adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s where the role of Mr. Yunioshi will be played by Mel Gibson.


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