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INTERVIEW: Cast Party Host Corey Lets Us Know Where to Park So the Neighbors Don't Call His Mom

by Naomi Rubin. @naomithefool.

Local student Corey Overton, who just wrapped the role of Billy Flynn in his high school’s production of Chicago, found some time in his busy schedule to talk to us about his cast party preparations. He called from an unidentifiable number, which we later learned was a burner phone.

Corey: Can you hear me? I’m on the highway right now. I had to go to a liquor store six towns away because I couldn’t risk someone seeing me.

The Broadway Beat: Yes, we can hear you. How are you feeling about your party, Corey?

Corey: So good, man! It’s gonna be the craziest cast party of the year! Music, hookups, milk pong, Cards Against Humanity Non-Sexy Expansion Pack. That’s the only one my mom allows in the house.

TBB: Wow, sounds like a real house party.

Corey: Well, just the living room and kitchen.

TBB: And a bathroom, I assume?

Corey: We’re doing construction on our garage so there’s a port-a-potty in the backyard people can use. My mom would notice if there’s a decrease in house TP. She keeps that shit on lock.

TBB: Are you scared of your mom finding out about the party?

Corey: Not at all! It’s so chill. We just gotta do some small stuff - like if people park on my street they have to use the bumper stickers, stuff like that.

TBB: What bumper stickers?

Corey: I’ll give out bumper stickers that say “I Love Being in the AARP” and “Cardi B? More like Cardi WHO?!” so the neighbors think it’s a bunch of old people coming over.

TBB: Oh wow.

Corey: And then everyone else can park in the law office parking lot a few streets down. If anyone asks who they are they can say they’re a suspect or something.

TBB: Maybe they shouldn’t say that.

Corey: Whatever. Also people have to show up one at a time.

TBB: What?

Corey: Party starts at 3pm!

It seems Corey didn’t hear our final question and also the minutes on his burner phone expired, because the call ended.

Correction: This article misstates Corey’s role in the play. He originally told us he played Billy Flynn, but we went and saw the show, and Corey is just the tech guy who sets all the chairs up for "Cell Block Tango".


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