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Nice! Callback Email from That Audition Last Week- Oh Wait, No, They Added You to Their E-Mail List

by Ricky Drummond. @RickyDDrummond.

CHICAGO - 31-year old actor/bartender/substitute teacher/real estate agent/cat sitter Judith Wright had a moment of pure delight, followed by the familiar existential dread, upon opening her email and seeing an email from a Mid-Atlantic LORT theatre just two weeks from attending their EPA.

“I got so excited,” exclaimed Wright, who has wanted to work for the company since seeing Cats there on a childhood vacation. “My heart about burst through my chest when I saw an email with the subject line including the title of the show I was really gunning for. Then I opened it up and saw “CONGRATS” and was in tears. It was only after reading ‘you can book now to get access to the best seats’ that I realized my joy might have been misplaced.”

Frances Yee, Wright’s roommate since sophomore year at DePaul, who has left the theatre world to work in the corporate sector, had an alternate take on the entire situation.

“They were offering 35% off of balcony seats for Sunday in the Park with George, Wednesday through Friday only,” noted Yee, while writing a check for the entire rent again. “And I couldn’t help but think about what a great deal that was. Usually, tickets go for over $100, but these ticket prices were in the double digits.”

Barbara Bear, who serves as the company’s Director of Digital Marketing, was quick to supply some insight.

“Oh, I’d say about two thirds of our listserv is actors who have auditioned for us throughout the years. It’s not uncommon that they reply without even realizing who sent the original email. I’ve got a script already written for an auto response if a marketing email includes the words ‘I accept the role.’”

Since corresponding with the company, The Broadway Beat has also received an email about the 35% off deal for Sunday in the Park, and are pleased to share we've bought tickets right next to Mx. Yee for the Thursday evening show.


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