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Wow! Actor Attends Broadway Show Without Announcing That He Knows Someone in the Cast

by Sarah Lasko. @saraheleora.

JERSEY CITY, NJ. – In an impressive show of self-restraint, actor Kyle Weisman attended a Broadway production in its entirety without posting on his Instagram story that he knows not one, but two people in the cast.

“There was one point where I wasn’t sure if I would break, because I’m just so proud of both of them,” asserts Weisman, while scrolling through eleven amazing photos he took of his hand holding the Playbill in front of the set. “But I dug down deep and found the determination I needed to head to the bar and buy a souvenir cup of cab sauv instead.”

We reached out to one of the evening’s performers, Ty Johnson, who generously spoke to us on the condition that we would also follow him on Tik Tok. 

“Kyle Weisman? Hmmm…Kyle Weisman,” Ty responded while opening Instagram to check their mutuals. “Oh yeah, that guy. Did we take a class together at Growing Studio once?” 

Although Weisman was tempted by the possibility of gaining backstage access after the performance if he posted, he continued to stay strong.

“The fact is, they know I have their backs no matter what, and I don’t really have to tell everyone online how thrilled I am to see them shine or how I have a lot of friends working on Broadway or how this is a very typical experience for me.”

Although Weisman was able to refrain from posting the story that evening, our sources did confirm that he told the security guard at the stage door that he knew two people in the show. Our sources also confirmed that they did not let him backstage.


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