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Local Actor Includes "It's Good to be Back!" in Bio for Third Show Since Quarantine

by Andrew Child. Instagram: @andrewchil6. Twitter: @DrewChild96.

CRANSTON, RI - After appearing in Almost, Maine with the Peabody Drama Society and A Lion in Winter at Westwood Congregational Players, local marketing manager and actor Richard Gabiano revealed today that he intends to include “It’s good to be back!” in his program bio for Little Shop of Horrors with the Colonial Choral Society.

“I’m just excited to be back to normal and able to perform and hug again,” explained Gabiano, still crestfallen from the awkward handshake offered in lieu of a hug upon introduction. “I think it’s really important these days to just make people smile whenever you can. You couldn’t make people smile or even laugh really when we were doing Zoom theatre, and if you could I would’ve known because my virtual Boeing-Boeing was hysterical.”

High school English teacher Gabrielle Linder, who directs Colonial Choral Society’s annual musical, made clear her support for the inclusion of Gabiano’s sentiment in the show’s program.

"I mean, we all still muster laughs for his jokes about murder hornets and the toilet paper shortage, so I don’t see any harm in letting him print what he wants. We were all a little worried about Richard after his one-man Zoom Boeing-Boeing,” stated Linder with her eyes firmly fixed on the floor. “I mean, just watch the archival recording. It was disturbing to say the least."

Kyle Patten, who plays Seymour in Colonial Choral Society’s upcoming production, echoed Linder’s approval.

“We’re just happy Richard is happy,” Patten sighed as his eyes glazed over. “He was really torn up yesterday making sure we had all heard what Will Smith did at the Oscars, so I think it might take him a while to work through stuff.”

Gabiano will be appearing as a non-singing ensemble street urchin in Little Shop of Horrors, a show written to be performed without an ensemble. When asked to comment on this unconventional casting choice, director Gabrielle Linder stated, “Auditions were in October so he was still distraught about Meghan and Harry stepping down in 2020. My hands were tied. Please don’t tell MTI.”


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