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Here’s How Aaron Tveit Could Still Lose the Tony

by Finch Edmund. @finch_edmund.

NEW YORK, NY - Moulin Rouge! The Musical leading man Aaron Tveit recently won the Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical after being the only person nominated in the category this season. According to several Tony Award voters, he could still lose it.

“We all wanted more options,” said one voter, wearing a t-shirt stating “I Love Comparison". “It was like, he’s the only guy nominated - what, are we just not gonna give out this award this year? Half the fun of voting is getting to choose between all of the different actors! So now we’re considering a revote where we can vote for whoever we want.”

Another voter passionately expressed who they would vote for if the revote took place.

“I’ve tried every year I’ve been a voter to write in Mandy Patinkin as George in Sunday in the Park with George,” they told us, wearing a t-shirt with Patinkin’s face on it. “He really deserves a Tony for that iconic role, and I think it’s high time we give it to him. But every time I tried to write it in, I was always met with, ‘no’ and ‘it’s not 1984 anymore,’ but now, it’s the perfect time.”

We also managed to meet up with the only voter who voted against Aaron Tveit’s win in the first place.

“I don’t see why we need a revote,” they stated, wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. “Just because everyone else was too scared to do what I did? They’re cowards, the whole committee. Obi Wan McGregor or whatever his name is should’ve been eligible. He played Christian in the movie, and I was the only one willing to admit that with my vote.”

We could not receive a statement from Tveit on the matter, but we imagine he is holding on to his Tony for dear life.


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