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Week Old Food Prop Changing Colors, Releasing Liquid, Slithering Away

by Erika Hakmiller. @ErikaFromMaine.

CASSLETON, ND - The local 100 seat Storyverse Theatre has garnered attention this week following reports that its week-old prop turkey has changed colors, released mysterious liquids, and attempted to slither away, concerned sources confirmed.

“I take risks on stage. That’s kind of what I’m known for but… this is where I draw the line,” explained Jorge Weir, 45 year old regular who also hosts an open mic after each show, while using his Ben Nye kit to prepare for the Sunday matinee. “The prop turkey used to be crisp and brown but now it's a light purple... and don’t get me started on the smell.”

The Big One, an original living room play by local playwright and actor Robin McDermott requires a small turkey during its act two fight scene where the son confesses he doesn’t want to take over the family business. McDermott, who doubles as an actor in the role of “Mom”, was hesitant to become involved in the situation.

“I don't touch other people's props. That's like Theatre 101,” noted McDermott. “But when someone else’s prop starts releasing liquid onto my prop, then it becomes a problem. And it becomes an even bigger problem when the food prop starts slowly inching itself across the divider tape on the table. “

Prop master Tammy Ryan, who is a volunteer, made it very clear that she was not interested in talking with the press. Her waist long hair touched every prop on the table as she gently nudged the former turkey back into its place.

“Now that the prop turkey has started absorbing the surrounding props into its gel-like exterior membrane, I've had to spend most of the budget on replacing other props,” she confessed. “I tried to throw it out once and it attacked me. With every passing day it becomes bigger, stronger, and angrier.”

While leaving the theatre through the back exit, The Broadway Beat can confirm that we noticed the old purple former turkey pulsating by the stage door, as if were trying to stop anyone from escaping.


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