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We Tried to Choose a Headline for NBC's "The Grinch Musical!" But Couldn't Land On One So Here's 55

by The Broadway Beat staff (writers & socials at bottom of post).

NBC Confirms Matthew Morrison's Grinch Can and Will Say Fuck

Matthew Morrison Optimistic His “Grinch” Portrayal Will Help Audiences Forget He Once Sang the “Thong Song” on "Glee"

“Don’t Complain! We Can Re-Air Peter Pan Live!” Threaten NBC Execs

Whoever Greenlit NBC’s “Grinch” Musical Now Expected to Receive Vaccine Last

Breaking: "Wicked Live" Looks Weird

"I Wouldn't Touch That With a 39 and a Half Foot Pole" Line Shockingly Relevant in a Social Distanced 2020 World

Google Searches for "Denis O'Hare + dog collar" Increase 10000% After NBC's "The Grinch"

An Alt-Right Nightmare: Grinch Steals Christmas by Saying “Happy Holidays!”

NBC Grinch Musical Sparks PTSD for All "Seussical" Survivors

BREAKING: Energy Produced From Dr. Seuss Spinning in Grave to be Used to Power Small Nation

Theatregoers Desperate for Content Relieved to Have a New NBC Musical to Ignore

Amelia Minto Scared For Her Future After Seeing Taylor Momsen's Cindy Lou Who-to-Jenny Humphrey-in-Gossip Girl-Transformation

NBC's Grinch Deemed Too Uplifting for 2020, Will Instead Air Just Tiny Tim Dying in Act 2 of "A Christmas Carol"

NBC to Reference Matthew Morrison's Time on "Glee" by Making "The Grinch" Way Too Long, Bad

Joaquin Phoenix Reveals Matthew Morrison’s Performance as Mr. Schuester Inspired His Oscar Winning “Joker” Performance

“Red Fish, Blue Fish, Why Did NBC Do This”: An Interview with Dr. Seuss’s Ghost

The Next "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? This Fuzzy Shut-In Has a Heart Condition

Opinion: We As a Nation Fully Deserve the Matthew Morrison Grinch

"I Know Our Audience, They’ll Love This,” says Producer Who Has No Fucking Idea What He’s Talking About

Advice: How to Avoid "The Grinch Musical!" on NBC by Reading a Book and Going to Bed on Time

In Retaliation for NBC’s "The Grinch Musical!" starring "Glee"’s Matthew Morrison, Fox Airs "Seussical" with Former Cast of "SMASH"

Shocked!: ‘Grinch’ Viewers Discover Not Every Musical Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Poll Results Prove That Over 7 Million Americans Think NBC’s “The Grinch” is a Hoax

The Who Fans Disappointed and Confused by "The Grinch Musical!"

Matthew Morrison's Grinch So Convincing, Christmas Actually Cancelled

Take that KFC! McDonalds to Produce "How the Grimace Stole Christmas!"

Sondheim Snob’s Heart Shrinks Four Sizes After Watching "The Grinch Musical!" on NBC

Matthew Morrison’s Grinch Enters Pantheon of Live Action Versions of Animated Characters That Manifest as My Sleep Paralysis Demon

Kermit The Frog Passes On Grinch Role; Wants Lesser Actors To Have A Chance

Report: Cindy Lou-Who is Now an E-Girl and We Cannot!!!!!

Critics Deem "The Grinch Musical!" a Hot New Follow Up to The Nether

40% of Pro-Vaxxers Change Their Minds After Sneak Preview of Matthew Morrison as The Grinch

Horrible Monster Menaces Public During Holiday Season, But If You’re Tired of Hearing About Stephen Miller, You Can Watch “The Grinch”

Report: The Grinch Cast Bubble Has A Lot More Throat Coat, Sexual Tension Than the NBA Bubble

Confused Theatre Fan Sees DVR Recording of NBC’s "The Grinch" Renamed as “Angry Christmas Slime Tutorial”

REPORT: "Cats" Director Tom Hooper Just, Just So Happy He Went With CGI

Grinch Musical Reignites Blood Feud Between Charlie Brown Christmas and Grinch Fans; Hundreds Dead, Probably Just from Covid Though

Actor Dressed as Dog Dressed as Reindeer Not Fooling Anyone

NBC’s "The Grinch" To Take Place In Oddly Permissive High School

"The Grinch Musical!" on NBC Causes Nation's Heart to Shrink Three Sizes, Killing Millions

NBC Cares: All Flop Sweat Collected in Matthew Morrison's Bodysuit to be Donated to Local Children's Shelter

Roasting "The Grinch Musical!" on NBC First Time Local Writer Has Felt Anything Since March

NBC’s "The Grinch" To Feature 1000% More Journey Songs

Theatre Officially Dead: Onlookers Shocked Culprit Isn’t Pandemic, But NBC’s “The Grinch”

Critics Call Booboo Stewart and Denis O'Hare's Makeout Scene "Gratuitous," "Confusing," "Too Short"

NBC’s Steve Kornacki Still Working Round the Clock as “Grinch” Musical’s Stage Manager

“There Were SO Many Better Actors to Play the Grinch,” Cries Annoying Theatre Fan Who Hasn’t Seen the Show But is Probably Right This One Time

Report: Majority Of Americans Wouldn’t Even Know Where to Get A 39.5 Foot Pole

"Glee" Season 12’s Holiday Special Looks Not Half Bad

List: Zero Times We Wished NBC Would Air a Two-Hour Production of “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical!”

Oscar the Grouch, Shrek, Others Release Statement Regarding "The Grinch" "Greenface" Controversy

Why I Showed a Picture of Matthew Morrison's Grinch to the Makeup Artist for My 300 Person Wedding and Why I Don't Regret It

Late Election Results Show That At Least 1,000 Americans Voted for Matthew Morrison Dressed as The Grinch

CDC: Grinch Makeup Only Surefire Way to Keep Other People Six Feet Away, If Not More

NBC’s "The Grinch Musical!" Cast Celebrates Successful Show at iHop Off of RTE 128

Matthew Morrison Is The Grinch, Also He’s In The New NBC Musical

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