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We Sat Down with the Cast of “Hadestown” Because This is a Public Park and They Can’t Make Us Move

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - We’re gonna sing it again! We recently sat down with the celebrated cast of Broadway’s Tony award-winning musical Hadestown because they all met up for a socially distanced picnic and technically it was a public space, so they couldn’t MAKE us move.

Check out our full conversation with the devilish cast below!

The Broadway Beat: It’s nice to see all of you hanging out together - I assume it’s safe to say you’ve grown pretty close as a cast?

(NOTE: the cast didn’t realize we were talking to them at this point, so we were sure to repeat the question a bit louder, with firm eye contact directed at Patrick Page).


Patrick Page: I’m sorry, are you talking to us?

TBB: Yes! You are all close with one another, yeah?

Eva Noblezada: Uhh, yep! Sure are. Have a nice day!

TBB: Do you think being close socially helps a cast to respect and support one another on stage?

Patrick Page: I don’t know… I’m sorry, we’re just trying to have a little picnic.

TBB: You can’t make me move.

Eva Noblezada: Nobody asked you to mo-

TBB: You. Can’t. Make. Me. Move.

(NOTE: it was clear that the Hadestown cast were underprepared for our interview and needed a moment to collect themselves, so we excused ourselves to drink some water from a nearby puddle and returned to continue our chat)

TBB: So, what do you - HEY, HADESTOWN - what do you think is the biggest challenge for the original cast of a new production? You get the privilege and challenge of building a character almost from scratch.

Reeve Carney: I’m sorry, are you, like, with a publication or something? Shouldn’t you have a notepad or a tape recorder or something?

TBB: I’m very good at remembering things, Rick.

Amber Gray: Can you please just give us some space? We really just want to relax and-

TBB: You can’t make me move.

Kay Trinidad: Again, nobody said you had to mo-


(NOTE: at this point they all turned their backs to me and I had, unfortunately, drawn attention from a gaggle of park rangers who were monitoring the situation closely. Still, a good reporter always gets their scoop)

TBB: If you could give one piece of advice to young performers, what would it be? Also, what kind of sandwiches are those? Is that a turkey club?

Patrick Page: Do… I mean, do you want one?

TBB: I would love one.

Amber Gray: Will that get you to leave us alone?

TBB: Oh no, I can still ask questions. I firmly believe it’s ok to speak with your mouth full. Anyway, time for one more question?

Reeve Carney: We haven’t answered any of them.

TBB: What does the show Hadestown mean to you?

André De Shields: It’s a story about finding personal meaning in universal stories, and, more pointedly, the effort to create art in a world that just wants to capitalize on it.

TBB: I’m sorry I absolutely was not listening, I’ve been thinking about that sandwich since I sat down.

(NOTE: At this point, several cast members threw their sandwiches at me and then moved their lunch to another area of the park. I was unable to follow them to the new location because several pigeons descended upon my new turkey clubs and I was forced to fight them to the death. Unfortunately, they won, and these are the last words I will ever type before I fully pass aw


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