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We Interviewed the Wrong Lin-Manuel Miranda, But At Least We Got to Meet a Polyamorous Couple

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio

If anyone has established themselves as a centerpiece of the last decade’s musical theatre zeitgeist, it’s beloved Hamilton wordsmith Lin-Manuel Miranda. When our team received word that he had agreed to sit down for an interview, we were obviously over the moon. 

However, we regret to inform you that our intern Liam made a mistake and booked not Lin-Manuel Miranda, but rather Lin, Manuel and Miranda, a polyamorous throuple from New Brunswick, New Jersey.

So, here’s our interview with them.

Broadway Beat: Lin, Manuel, Miranda - thanks for joining us. Apologies for the mix up. Unfortunately all my questions are for Lin-Manuel Miranda, so, uh… I guess you can just do your best to answer those?

Miranda: Should… should we try to answer with what we think he would say?

Broadway Beat: No, that would just make this whole thing worse. So, how do you nurture the very first kernel of an idea? What are the first steps you take when beginning a new project?

Manuel: Well, I’m a contractor, so usually I look over the budget and make sure that the client can actually afford what they’re looking to do, and that I won’t break the bank.

Broadway Beat: Ok, uh, what are your influences?

Miranda: For what?

Broadway Beat: I don’t know - life, your work, relationships?

Miranda: Oh well our relationship doesn’t really have influences. I didn’t grow up with polyamorous parents or anything.

Broadway Beat: Wait, the three of you are in a relationship?

Lin: Yeah, we’ve lived together for six years.

Broadway Beat: Oh, wow, that’s really interesting. Can… can I ask you about that instead? Just a heads up - I have to weave in the Lin-Manuel Miranda questions or my Editor will be mad.

Manuel: Sure, that’s fine.

Broadway Beat: Great! Ok, so, how involved were you with the casting for Hamilton’s original run, and also how did you all meet? Were two of you dating and you met the third? That’s what happened with some friends of mine. Also please answer the Hamitlon question I guess.

Lin: Well, we weren't involved at all with the casting of Hamilton, or any aspect for the show. But, yes, Manny and I dated for three years, met Miranda, and there was an instant spark.

Broadway Beat: Amazing. So, tell me about the Broadway run of Freestyle Love Supreme and also do you all share the same bed or is it healthier to establish boundaries?

Miranda: Well, none of us are in Fireside Lump Soccer.

Broadway Beat: What?

Miranda: I work in accounting and Lin is a pilates instructor at the Y, but yes, we share one bed but are definitely thoughtful when it comes to personal space.

Manuel: It’s, in most ways, the same as a two-person relationship, and I think that’s what we wish people would realize.

Broadway Beat: Totally, that makes a ton of sense. What other stigma do you face from people who may not understand your relationship and judge it based on first impressions and also what was it like shooting Mary Poppins Returns?

Miranda: We weren’t in that, but a lot of people fetishize polyamorous relationships, or think they’re “for show” and not to be taken seriously.

Lin: Yeah, we really just want to be treated the same as anyone else in a loving, healthy relationship. We have the same values, the same problems, and the same hopes and dreams for our future together.

Manuel: Our love may look a little different on the outside, but it’s just as full and warm as anyone else’s.

Broadway Beat: Wow, thank you for being so open. Final question - and I know you probably won’t have an answer - but can you spill any secrets from the upcoming In The Heights film?

Miranda: Actually we took a trip to the city recently and ended up as background actors in the movie.

Manuel: It was a blast, they put us in costume and everything.

Lin: I even got to buy a piragua from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s character.

Broadway Beat: Wait what

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