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Too Hot for the Role? "Little Shop of Horrors" Recasts Audrey II with Sexy, Sexy Palm Tree

by Justin Ayer. @justayer (Instagram), @justinayer (Twitter).

NEW YORK, NY - Producers of the Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors are responding to the discussion that Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff have been “too sexy” to play Seymour by replacing Audrey II with the sexiest plant of all - a hot, sultry Palm Tree, sources confirmed.

“It was the easiest decision, I don’t know why we didn’t think of it before,” said Tom Kirdahy, Producer of Little Shop. “We listened to our audience talking about having a lead that was too sexy for the role, so to make up for it, we made everything sexy. Seriously - who wouldn’t wanna fuck a palm tree?”

Not everyone in the cast was excited about the Audrey II change, particularly the puppeteers who operate her during every performance.

“It’s actually really painful because of the rough outside of the palm tree and also the coconuts that fall sometimes,” said puppeteer Eric Wright. “I’ll keep doing it though. It’s nice having everyone ogle the big plant puppet on my hand. Really evens the playing field for the hot Seymours."

Lauren Harris, a TikTok influencer and college sophomore, is looking forward to seeing the revamped production.

“All my life I’ve been saying theatre should be sexier, so I really appreciate the decision to get rid of the uggo’s and to bring in a gorgeous palm tree,” noted Harris. “Plus, the palm trees make me think of the beach which makes me think of sexy people on the beach. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter the more you break it down.”

At press time, Little Shop of Horrors is set to run through May 10th, after which the Palm Tree will begin a year-long contract as a Playboy cover model.


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