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Theatre Program Boasts 100% of Students Get Cast, Only 70% of Students Get COVID

by Erika Hakmiller. @ErikaFromMaine.

NEWTON, MS - As students return to school for their in-person fall classes, many thespians are facing the harsh reality of cancelled shows, but The University of Middle Mississippi is proud to announce their full season will continue on as planned - with 100% of students getting cast in productions, and only around 70% of students contracting COVID-19, the program confirmed.

“I am a strong believer in the saying ‘the show must go on!’ said Professor Barnes, who is known to cast herself in the school productions. "This year we will be rewarding students who are brave enough to participate by guaranteeing that every single student will get to be in a show, and only around two-thirds of students will end up on a ventilator.”

Ally Red, a senior BFA student who follows Professor Barnes around like it's her goddamn life purpose, thinks this is an opportunity to show the world how progressive and brave their theatre program is.

“Our theatre program is inclusive, that's what makes it different from other programs out there. In these times, being inclusive does not only include casting, but includes the novel virus as well,” noted Red. “Our program is also different from others because each character has three understudies and our campus doesn’t have a health center.”

Freshman Tamika Owens, whose mask was not covering her nose, made a last minute switch to this school when she heard about the 100% casting guarantee. She has very little theatre experience and sees this as a great opportunity to boost her resume and challenge herself as a performer.

“I’m aware of the danger of COVID and know that the life I’ve chosen is not going to be easy. The life of a performer is unpredictable, and can be dangerous. COVID is just another element, and if I get COVID and survive it, the experience will only make me a better performer. Or at least that’s what they keep telling me.”

While exiting the theatre department, The Broadway Beat noticed a new banner hanging above the doors that read, “Students Come and Go, but Live Theatre Will Never Die!”


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