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GROUNDBREAKING: Theater Producing Feminist Masterpiece Seeks 8M 2F Cast

by Rebecca Ballinger. @ reberkk.

BOSTON. - Optic Theatre is in the process of casting the most anticipated show of their upcoming season: American theatre’s newest feminist play, Faux, which requires a cast of two powerhouse women and eight adequate men.

“We considered dozens of plays that focused on female empowerment, but Faux just spoke to me. It’s about these eight men who realize the patriarchy hurts them too,” mused Optic’s white man Artistic Director, Martin Wood, as he pinned a 2016 "I’m With Her" pin to his pink pussy hat. “Now I know you’re thinking, ‘What business does this dude have directing a feminist play?’ But I grew up with sisters. So I get it."

Morgan Barlow, who has been called in for both female roles, shared how she is preparing for the big audition.

“I mean, there isn’t much to prepare. One character is a witch who’s killed in the first scene, and the second makes out with three guys and then leaves, never to be seen again,” she said while shamefully stuffing her MFA acting degree under her bed. “And both parts require nudity.”

Optic’s Literary Director, Annie Decker, provided insight into the theater’s play selection process.

“I really pushed for Martin to produce a play called Matchsticks, which has a cast for five female and four non-binary actors that could really showcase the incredible talent in Boston,” Decker shared while tossing her first-edition copy of The Feminine Mystique into a recycling bin. “But Martin just put his finger to my lips and whispered that he was chosen by God Herself to direct Faux. Also, there was a role that was perfect for his brother.”

Faux isn’t the only exciting premiere in Optic’s season. This spring, Martin Wood will also be directing a new puppet ballet adaptation of The Help.


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