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“Sondheim 90th” Producers Already Busy Prepping “Lea Michele 34th”

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - The team behind this past Sunday’s starry Take Me to the World: A Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration, a virtual concert tribute to composer Stephen Sondheim that featured the biggest names on the Great White Way, are reportedly hard at work preparing a tribute concert to actress Lea Michele for her 34th birthday this August, the team confirmed.

“If you think what we put together for Steve was impressive, get ready for Lea,” noted the show’s host and co-producer Raul Esparza. “Despite the technical difficulties, the concert was a blast. So imagine what we can do once we knock out the tech stuff? Lea’s birthday tribute is gonna feature songs from Les Mis, Ragtime, Spring Awakening, and a fashion show of her best Glee looks. Plus, a live reading of the entire first season of Scream Queens.” Mr. Esparza then continued to speak for several minutes, but his audio cut out, so we’re not sure what he was saying.

Confirmed performers include Kristin Chenowith, the entire cast of Glee conducted by Ryan Murphy, the cast of New Year’s Day and more. Bernadette Peters, who ended the show with an a capella rendition of “No One Is Alone”, shared her thoughts on the upcoming big 3-4.

“Similar to Steve, Lea and I are both New York girls, so this one’s just as special,” said Peters. “Plus, while 90 is a big milestone and Sondheim contributed decades of distinguished work to the theatre community and blah blah blah, 34 is a fun one. I think I’ll perform “Cannonball” and then do an actual cannonball into a pool surrounded by fireworks. It’s time to up the stakes.”

However, some theatre fans were skeptical of the young star’s birthday extravaganza.

“I love Lea, but this feels less like a tribute and more of an excuse to have a party,” said local woman Erica Tellerby. “Rumor has it, Victor Garber ordered a full Brazilian churrascaria for his performance. Emma Roberts is doing a song that, for some reason, includes a skatepark. Neil Patrick Harris is doing “The Witch’s Rap” again but this time he’s written 8 new verses. I think they’re all just looking for a reason to hang. But, fuck it, as long as it starts on time, I’ll watch.”

At press time, the producers - now completely mad with power - are already busy planning other tributes such as Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein: 20 Years of Friendship and Kid from Young Sheldon Whatever Age He Is, Who Cares, Let’s Party.


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