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BREAKING: In Solidarity with Rachel Zegler, "Cinderella (2021)" Cast Also Not Invited to Oscars

by Preeya Shankar. @PreeyaShankar.

LOS ANGELES - In light of Rachel Zegler’s Oscars invite snub, the Camila Cabello-led Cinderella (2021) cast has announced that they too, in solidarity, have also not been invited to the Oscars.

“While I did assume I had a standing invitation, I understand why they have chosen me to be a trailblazer in situations like these,” said Idina Menzel, who bravely only allowed herself one mascara-tracked tear. “I, like the Oscars, see myself as a mentor to those new to the world of musical cinema.”

Many recent musical-adaptation casts are following suit. James Corden, who starred in not only Cinderella (2021) but Cats (2019) and The Prom (2020), has a long history of not being involved in the ceremony out of, uh, protest.

“I support Ms. Zeglar [sic] regardless of this Oscar faux-pas. Of course, she is welcome on my show anytime," he added before trying to convince her to star with him in a film adaptation of Cabaret.


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