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“I Contractually Can’t Share My Next Role, But This Video Contains A Clue,” Posts Actress Fully Painted Green

by Mike Abrams. @TheWrongCatDied

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY – Tik Tok theater influencer teases fans with a new post sharing that she has landed her dream role, but the video only contains a few clues since her contract prevents her from sharing the details. The main clue - she posted while covered head to toe in green paint.

“I’m usually not this sentimental about a new show so I hope you all understand the gravity of this news,” posted Stephanie Jackson as she straddled a Swiffer Wet Jet struggling to stay in frame. “I hope this is my big break since I’m ready to be popular, even if it's only in Cincinnati.”

Fellow non-equity actress and aspiring Tik Tok influencer Jenna Tinsley thinks she has figured out the clues and knows the next role. 

Thank goodness I figured it out but I’m convinced she’s not that girl since she’s just dancing through life on Tik Tok,” smirked Tinsley as she warmed up to sing Memory in between serving tables at Gayle's Broadway Rose. “I was at the open call. I was wonderful and she was something bad. They picked her for her 15k followers on Tik Tok.”

The Broadway Beat’s lead investigative journalist Ed Droodberg looked into what role Jackson could possibly be playing in Cincinnati. 

“We sent a private detective directly to the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati and they do not have Wicked on their calendar next year,” shared Droodberg as he took down a bulletin board full of clues for his Amber Ardolino to A Beautiful Noise investigation. “However, they do have a production of Shrek The Musical starting this spring so our working theory is Jackson will be playing Princess Fiona and just made the Wicked puns for increased social engagement.”

At time of press, Jackson has still not revealed which show she will be performing in. However, The Broadway Beat feels confident in Droodberg’s theory since you can see green makeup next to a David Lindsay-Abaire signed Playbill in Jackson’s most recent “Get Ready With Me” video. 


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