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"This Is My Single Greatest Creation!" says Set Designer Whose Son is Also in the Show

by Justin Avery Smith. @JustAVerySmith.

BOSTON - Frank Gellar, Set Designer for The Provincetown Players’ production of Almost, Maine, is stirring up controversy after passionately declaring in an interview that his set for this show is “The single greatest thing [he’s] ever created!” while his son, cast member Louis Gellar, sat next to him.

“I have really never put more time, energy or love into something like I have with this,” said Frank while softly dryhumping the set. “I’m convinced this will be my legacy.”

The set for the show in question consists of two doors, two lawn chairs, and a couch picked up for free on Craigslist. We caught up with Louis Gellar for his response to the proclamation.

“It’s criminal. It’s VILLAINY! And it should be punished!” Louis said to himself, plunged deep into character as Jimmy, a pub-goer who blames himself for driving away the people who love him and, as a result, feels abandoned. He did not say much more beyond this as he continued to pace around the room in a ruminative state and mumble incoherently under his breath.

Frank’s wife, Almost, Maine Production Manager Heather Gellar, proved to be both disappointed and unsurprised by her husband’s statement.

“He’s always doing this. He said the same thing when he won that pizza place’s claw game on our first date,” Heather recounted while cleaning the full bedroom Frank had provided for the stuffed duck he won that night. “When he said then and there that we should live together, I didn’t realize he was referring to the duck.”

She then concluded our visit with a tour of his home office, and the trophy room behind it. This was a small walk-in closet filled with old “I Voted” stickers, printouts of all his Playstation trophies, and a homemade cheese ball heavily encased in glass. There was no trace of family photos or memorabilia in either room.


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